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From Frustrated to Flourishing

Growing up with my parents working on and off Broadway, I dreamed of being a performer. I started singing as a toddler and got into voice lessons at age 10. I performed as often as possible throughout my childhood, graduated from LaGuardia High School as a Vocal Major, then went off to Indiana University with the goal of making my own unique path to Broadway...Instead, I fell in love with opera while studying abroad in Vienna.

I changed voice teachers a lot throughout college...Something within me was saying "This isn't right." I switched from teacher to teacher looking for both solid technique AND emotional support/career guidance, but I didn't find it.

Meanwhile, my singing was unreliable. Sometimes when I sang it was good and other times it was a mess, and the worst part was I couldn't predict or control it. I was singing the wrong repertoire, dealing with a lot of vocal fatigue, the extremes of my range (high and low notes) were unstable, and sometimes I would lose my voice after practicing. It didn't take long for the audition anxiety to show up. I couldn't trust my voice to perform when I was on stage, so I was constantly in fear that something would go wrong.

When I finally found my teacher in 2016, I knew it immediately. Brian Gill taught me a lesson, sat me down and said "Maddy, you're a lyric soprano. Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD." Mind. Blown.

I stopped singing crazy coloratura (goodbye, Queen of the Night!), started training as a lyric, and thus began my journey working with Brian, solidifying my technique, building trust with myself and gaining my confidence back. I went from feeling hopeless about singing to feeling secure and confident. Now, I can do ANYTHING I want to with my voice. I have options, colors, flexibility, and the best part is, I know what is happening when I sing and how to change it.

Madeline's Story: About

Once I found out there was a straight forward, replicable, and scientifically-backed method of singing that ACTUALLY WORKS, I wanted to scream it from the rooftop! I started sharing what I had learned with my friends, and watching them transform their voices in a matter of minutes was such a thrill! Simultaneously, I worked with a therapist and life coach on the audition anxiety (aka the fear and lack of trust in myself) I had built up over the years. With my new technical and emotional tools at hand, my passion blossomed for helping singers who are stuck where I was: knowing that they have talent but not being able to guide it, feeling "behind" or "not enough" constantly, and not having the tools to change it...and from there, Sing with Madeline was born!

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Madeline's Story: About Me
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