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About Lessons

Madeline's lessons are a safe space for you to improve your vocal technique and performance skills, gain confidence, nurture an empowering relationship with your singing, and find your authentic voice!

Work privately with me in online lessons and take the guessing game out of vocal technique. Through specific tools and exercises used to create the optimal balance of air flow, proper fold function, and resonance tuning, you will hear vocal freedom, consistency, flexibility, and beauty. Feel proud of your singing and fall in love with your voice using the magic combination of high-level vocal technique and compassionate, kind guidance and partnership.

Madeline Stern is a Professional Musical Theatre Performer and Opera Singer, Voice Teacher, and received her BM and MM in Vocal Performance from Indiana University. She has 20 years of performance experience in a plethora of genres from opera, operetta, musical theatre, straight plays, choral work, show choir, gospel, pop, chamber music, new music, and jazz. Madeline's patient and supportive approach, in combination with her attention to detail and focus on healthy vocal technique, make her the perfect partner for your vocal journey in any style of music!

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Studying with Madeline, you can:

  • Expand your range

  • Train your body to use breath to support your singing

  • Find your ideal, balanced, and vibrant sound (your authentic voice!)

  • Eliminate vocal "breaks" and excess tension

  • Have even vibrato, spin, and overtones

  • Have access to vocal choices (color, dynamics, style, etc)

  • Recreate your authentic voice on your own (learn to become your own teacher!)

  • Sing in multiple genres (cross-over artists)

  • Learn Musical Theatre technique

  • Mix and belt healthfully without risking vocal injury

  • Learn Classical/Operatic technique

  • Increase your confidence

  • Have reliable and consistent technique

  • Have an intentional and effective warm-up routine

  • Sing runs or coloratura with ease and clarity

  • Improve your ear training skills

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